Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy 2017 everyone!

So, I turned 30 in December, eek! And this is what I wore. I randomly picked up this silver pleated tie dress at Mr Price. I haven't shopped there in ages but had to run into one for work and saw this and a top version in gold and a cute LBD (for 50 bucks!) so thought it was the perfect little party dress to wear to my pizza and wine party. I teamed it with big silver hoops and my white Supergas 'coz I am totally a party dress and sneakers kind of girl!

I started my four part blogger series last time so here is the second part...it's all about attending events! Once you've worked your but off, built a following and made some major connections with brands and PR's, the invites to launches and parties will start to fly in. Be selective. Attend events of brands you would kill to work with, show them the love and support. But if you spread yourself thin and go to everything you are invited to, you'll come across as someone who promotes anything and everything and followers don't love that. Rather support what you love and what represents you, work on building those relationships rather than think you need to be seen all over the show.

Anything else you want to ask re blogging and being an influencer?Ask below in the comments and I'll answer them in my next post!


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