Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Everyone is asking me where I got this dress from so I had to share. It's from Pick 'n Pay Clothing! They have some really beautiful tops and dresses, very boho. And I usually don't wear prints but I love the flattering cross over style, the frills and lace-up back. I've been teaming it with my Superga lace-ups and gladiator sandals. These are new in from Edgars, who have some stunning summer shoes at the moment. I don't usually shop there anymore but happened to walk by and was pleasantly surprised. This dress makes me want to dance and twirl for days!

The second part of this post is a four part series I thought I would do for newbie or wanna be fashion bloggers over the next few months. I kinda feel like there are so many fashion bloggers now and having been in the Fashion Editor business for eight years and a blogger for about four of those, I really do get to see both sides, the good and bad and wrong and right. I could actually write a book on it. But here is my top tip to start the series, be honest.

This is two fold. If you're lucky enough to reach a point where you are remunerated for posting, then be honest and upfront with your readers. Tell them is it sponsored, promotional or an ad. That way they can decide for themselves to read it. If you are paid, work with brands that suit your style, represent who you are and what you genuinely would spend your own money on, because essentially you are telling them to spend theirs on it. Work with brands that relate to what you blog about. If you're a fashion blogger, blogging about a new car, your readers will see right through it. They keep coming back for the content you are doing, so don't take any old thing for any old price. Use tools like Webfluential to help you figure out the value of your posts, tweets and Instagrams. If you've built a valuable following then everything you post online has some value. Chat to fellow bloggers too of your caliber and following to see how they charge.

Secondly, don't pretend you own the items you are blogging about if you don't. Don't go take clothing out on apro, blog a look post and then return the clothes. Your readers wouldn't buy, wear and return. You're essentially lying to your readers if you do this. If the items have been sent or sponsored, don't feel obligated to post about it. Post about it if you genuinely will wear it and if it is your style. And then, be open that they were gifted or sponsored.

Comment below if you're a blogger and value this advice and I'll keep it coming.

I'm off to Plett for the holidays next week, I cannot wait. It's been a busy but exciting year. And our wedding is just under four months away! Plus, I turn 30 next week, cray cray! I'll post my outfit after. Have a fab day readers!


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