Sunday, July 3, 2016

So you know when you buy a dress or top and you have no idea when you're gonna wear it or how coz either the entire back is open (as in you gotta go bra-less) or the front it too low (as in no bra too). This dress is one of those. I got it over a year ago from Zara and have worn it twice. I managed to find stick on covers so I could wear the open back but it's just been sitting there so I am so happy to see lingerie tops and dresses being worn over t-shirts. Now I can totally wear this to work, I love an LBD for the office and now it's work appropriate. Yay! Also, you gotta have a bomber jacket this winter. They are so not warm but I'm loving my Cotton On one. I've also been layering it over my turtlenecks to stay warmer. Love that it's not bulky and doesn't make you look 10 sizes bigger like most winter coats.

And can we talk about peak caps for a sec. Usually I'm all about a beanie in winter but I'm just not into them this season. I've noticed loads of girls wearing baseball caps and keep thinking why would you wear one, especially indoors. Then I pulled this one out that I originally bought for my promenade walks. I couldn't wash my hair for a while because I had a back injury and didn't make it to the salon for a wash so I thought I'm gonna just wear the cap, and I actually love it. It's warm, good for a bad hair day and looks cool with a pair of trainers and ripped jeans. So I'm def gonna be wearing the cap more.

So girls, pull out your lingerie type tops and dresses and wear them during the day to the office, this is actually the perfect way to dress them down and make them a little less sexy. It's also warmer, you can even slip them on over a longsleeve knit for Winter.

Country Road t-shirt, Cotton On boots.


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