Sunday, February 28, 2016

So I haven't posted in a while because I have been in a bit of a slump. But nothing a bit of a shake up can't fix. For about five years I've been at a trainer focussing on boxing and weight tranining with my running and Pilates thrown in. But honestly been feeling so gross lately. Like my body just is not responding to any work outs. I'm eating relatively healthy. I've gone off the rails a couple of weekends but moderation is normal, right? Well what usually maintains my weight isn't working anymore. Does that happen to you too? I'm sure many of you can relate!

One of my worst things is when you tell people you feel like you're gaining weight and they say rubbish, you are just fine. It's all relative. You know if your body is in a bad place and if you're just not feeling good in it. No matter your actual weight in kilos, if you don't feel good it can leave you feeling so down.

I chatted to a couple trainer friends and they all said the same. First, take a week off. Don't train and don't worry about every bite of food. I did just that and I felt my entire body relax. Secondly, change your workout regime. So I have quit boxing so much, started with a female trainer who gets a women's body focusing on each muscle group seperatly, started Sweat 1000 classes once a week and have now limited my running to only once or twice a week (running breaks down the muscles you work hard to get in the gym). And thirdly I am eating clean 80% and not so clean the rest (you need to shock the body with the yummy indulgence at least once a week so it reboots when you eat all the good stuff, and who it's clean all day everyday anyways?!). 

So what's my eating clean? I tried the no meat, chicken and dairy for a while and I gained weight! It's too high carb and fat for me. And my body craved red meat. So now I just try my best to buy proper organic (free range is not organic!) meats and eggs. I'm still limiting my dairy (women's bodies hold onto dairy). My eating plan is basically protein plus green veg plus a brown carb (breaky and lunch) and only one fruit a day (fruits are loaded with sugar). I'm also eating a mini-meal at the 4pm slump (think protein plus a free veg like cucumber) instead of reaching for more fruit for example. The biggest change is drinking water. I've always struggled drinking water, so boring! But now I'm drinking 3 litres a day and I am deifnitely less puffy and also feel fuller. My skin is also looking a bit clearer. I just make sure I get through two 1,5 litre bottles a day. I mean it's only been a week but I am already feeling so much better. This is def a more realistic way of maintaining. It's four weeks to go until my bestie's wedding and that's my goal. I can't wait to slip into my dress feeling great and looking healthy!

I really don't want my fitness posts to be about me, I want to motivate you to try out the workouts I'm into and see if they work for you. I'll share my recipes and food tips I get from my trainers and I want to share my fitness fashion finds to try and help you sift through the loads of merchandise out there for the ones that are actually worth the hefty price tags. Like these Asics FuzeX running shoes.

I have always been an Asics runner. I've tried the other brands but I always end up buying Asics. I've slowly made my way from a heavier shoe to their GT-1000's, a much lighter shoe. Or so I thought, until I tried these. If you're a runner you'll know, the longer you run the better you get, the lighter your shoe gets and the more accomplished you feel. But no matter how light you go, Asics has always been known to be a heavier shoe. Until now. I tested these for the last week with a long run this weekend and I am super excited that Asics have finally brought out a shoe like this. It is light, supportive and not too soft. I didn't feel like my foot was dragging at all from the shoe being heavy or that it was too soft and that my foot was sinking. To put it simply, they have fuzed their GEL with foam. I don't really understand how it all works but it has something to do with better shock absorption and cushioning but in a lighter package. It reminds me of a Nike running shoe in terms of weight, look and feel and is so unlike an Asics shoe, it's awesome that the brand has realized the need for a shoe like this for Asics runners. I can't wait to hit the road again in my Asics FuzeX shoes. They retail for about R1800 so are pricey but worth every rand. They also come in a really good selection of colour combos, and those goes for the guys version as well.

They also sent me this kit. You'll know by now I hate wearing colour or print so I would never usually go for these leggings but they are high waisted and I absolutely love a high waist gym tight. So just for that I will wear a multi-coloured polka-dot legging!

Have a great week everyone, get out there and get active!


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