Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh Billabong you've stolen my heart...with this dress! I hate doing this, but I have no idea if they have it in store anymore. Sorry! I bought it at the start of the summer clothing season but only wore it for the first time while I was away in Plett during the holidays on the day these pictures were taken so I apologize in advance if you can't lay your hands on it. I wore it over a strapless bra but ideally it should be worn over a cute bikini because the straps are adjustable so the back can be totally open and the hem even lower! I love the delicate embroidery and the high neckline too. And anything with some form of a tassel is an immediate yes for me. This is my new favourite weekender dress. If you can't find it, they usually have a variety of beachy dresses to choose from anyways.


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