Friday, January 15, 2016


So my last fitness post was all about my new eating journey and how I'm loving eating less meat, minimal milk products and no chicken. It came across very green and clean. But I want you to know we all have off days. Literally the day after that post, I made a smoothie bowl for breaky (scroll down for the recipe) and followed that by a slice of cake, a chocolate brownie, a scone and hot chips. This happened for a lot of reasons. 1: a special person I worked closely with was leaving and it was  a sad goodbye (emotional eating!) 2: I have very little will power (and that's okay, in moderation) and 3: it was my last day of work for the year and I wanted to enjoy it. My point is, we all fall off our paths sometimes. But we can just try get back on it. So clich√©, but that's how it goes for me. The day before my pig out I worked out twice in one day. The morning of said pig out I walked and the day after ran 21kms. So I think a few sweet and savoury treats are ok. I hate the guilty feeling after eating something unhealthy most so I am really trying to not feel it. For me, and I am sure it can work for some of you, I find if I work out almost five days a week, then eating delicious treats really is ok. There's no reason to feel guilty. Work out and eat well 80%, eat whatever you want 20% - that ratio works for me. Do you feel the same? Or are you wracked with bad food guilt? Let's get over it, enjoy what we put into our bodies and sometimes just let it all go. Live a little.

It was a very indulgent festive season but I'm back into my routine and feeling great! I have my besties wedding in March so really am going to try eat well until then so I feel great in my dress. I'm mostly sticking to a high veg, low meat plan and as hard as it was on holiday, I'm loving it. The hardest part by far is finding decent veggie dishes when eating at restaurants. There are very few places that serve yummy vegetarian. I did have an incredibly nourishing meal at Sexy Food on Bree. Think all raw goodness. If you know of any other decent places I should try in Cape Town, please let me know!

Enough of the food talk. Onto some fitness fashion! When I found out Mango (my all time fave brand!) was doing sportswear, I immedietly wanted to know if it was coming to SA. Well, it's here! Spree sent me some goodies and I have found THE workout tights of workout tights. How amazing are these? They are high waisted. Genious. This is nothing new, I know they have been done before but it is the first time I am wearing a pair. You know when you see a girl at gym working out in tights and just her sports bra and her stomach is on show and she looks amazing and you kinda hate her. Well that happened to me. Thing is this girl wasn't stick thin, she had meat on her bones and she looked confident and ahmazing! Now I know why. High waisted gym tights! I wore these sans a top, just with my sports bra to gym and although I was self conscious AF,a friend said I was looking so good. That's because they nipped and tucked me in and showed off just the right places. I actually felt really empowered and confident and had one of the best workouts. I find if you see the parts of your body you want to work on while you are gyming, you push a little harder. Also, new gym gear always makes you workout harder. My point is that I said good-bye to muffin top gym tights thanks to these. I am so buying another few pairs, hopefully more brands will start to offer this style. This sweatshirt is also Mango sports from Spree. It's all relatively reasonably priced. Check out their full range online here.

P.S I'm a fan of Lorna Jane sports bras. They are super pricey, I've only ever gotten them as gifts and I had a voucher that I used to get this one. They are great because they have such awesome styles. They are also super supportive. Pity that the colours run sometimes, I just make sure I wash them separately.

P.P.S I really love hearing from you! Please share your fitness tips, restaurant recommendations, recipes and health journey with me.

P.P.P.S Smoothie bowls

I never really got the point of smoothie bowls. Surely you can just drink the damn thing. But then I made a smoothie one morning that came out too thick to drink and voila, I got the point of it. Eating breakfast in a bowl like you would regular cereal is way more satisfying. It's also more delish because you can add all the crunchy toppings. Try these out...

Bunch of Kale
One banana
Spoonful of Chia seeds
Half a cup of raw oats
Some almond milk

Mix, pour into your bowl and top with fresh mango pieces, goji berries, Chia seeds, sunflower seeds and mixed raw unsalted nuts.

Cup of blueberries and strawberries
One banana
Bunch of kale
Half a cup of raw oats
Spoonful of Chia seeds
Macadamia nut butter
Some almond milk

Mix, pour into your bowl and top with fresh blueberries, goji berries, sunflower seed,Chia seeds and slivered raw almonds.

Your can honestly throw anything into yoursmoothie bowl, I just loved these two concoctions.


Meg Maccallum said...

Smoothie bowls are the best! I try to make one at least once a week for breakfast :) love your post! x

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