Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Remember a while back I did a shop my closet post? I sold some of my older clothes that I didn't wear anymore to make space for some new stuff. I sold it via Gumtree and was shocked, and super excited, with the response I got. For weeks I got loads of emails asking if the items were still available. And since then I have sold even more and used that money to buy my new clothes. I can't believe it did so well. I keep telling people about my experience and the great contact I have made since. Gumtree has also reached out to me to work together so I thought it would be cool to share with you what happened and how you can make money from your unwanted, gently worn clothes that you know are sitting at the back of your closet gathering dust.

First I sorted out my closet into piles: keep, maybe, chuck. The keep pile I, obviously, kept. The maybe pile I also kept, aside. And the chuck pile was for getting rid of. I used the chuck pile clothing in a blog lookbook which I posted with a link to the ad on Gumtree. I did this to show my readers that although I don't wear the items anymore, they are beautiful pieces that are still wearable. I then photographed each item individually for the ad. Every Gumtree post needs pictures. Personally, if I am looking to buy something online whether new or used, if it doesn't have a picture I am moving right on. Then I assembled my ad. Gumtree have posted a really handy seller guide here. It's basically a step-by-step how to post ad guide that will help you get more replies and responses to your ad. And it's exactly what I did. Follow the steps and your ad should catch people's attention. Plus posting your clothing on Gumtree is free and reaches far more people then say posting it on Facebook would, bargain! You'll be very surprised to see how many people want to buy second hand clothing. There seems to be a trend growing locally where people buy second hand, gently worn, good condition clothes and then have reselling parties where they mark it up slightly and resell it. More and more people are doing this by the sounds of the emails I got.
BUT, and this is a big but, be careful. I don't know how you can really see if someone is genuine and not a freak who is going to rob and steal from you, or worse. I went with my gut when responding to the lady I sold to. She was straight forward and to the point. Instead of asking a bunch of questions and emailing back and forth (a lot of people only wanted some of the items for example at individual prices even though my ad specifically said I want one person to buy the lot) she gave me an offer and wanted the items the next day. I even facebook stalked her a bit to see if she was who she said she was. I saw she liked a few vintage stores on Facebook and that made sense to me. In case she was cray cray I asked her to meet me in the foyer of my busy office building right in front of the security guards so I was not alone. There she was, who she said she was, and a really nice person too. I gave her a bag of goodies and she gave me cash to go shopping (or save, you should rather save it! ha!). Best part? We've kept in touch. Remember that maybe pile? I relooked at it and called her up to sell some more pieces to her. Now every few months I do a clean out and sell more to her. She's starting up her own second-hand clothing business so I am glad to help. 

I have had a great experience doing this so try it, let me know if you get a good response like I did. Making some extra money never hurts. Please though, always be safe. Never ever swop goods for cash by yourself or out of sight of the public. Pick a place in daylight, where you feel safe. Also, be sure nobody sees you accepting cash, in case the crazy in them decides to follow you. Oh and one tip, often Gumtree involves a bit of negotiating. Be willing to negotiate a price. I asked for X, she wanted to pay Z, we met at Y.


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