Thursday, April 16, 2015

This is a two part post and lookbook because I took over five hundred pictures this weekend and I really want to share what I wore and where I went.

Umzolozolo is in Nambiti, three hours outside of Durban. We get to visit there every now and then and I really think every South African should try experience a bush holiday at least once, no matter your budget. It is magical. Seeing the animals in their home is indescribable. And scary. The lodge is in the open, there is no fencing to keep the elephants, lions or snakes out (we spotted two spitting cobras, yikes!).  At night you have to be escorted to your chalet by the Game Ranger who carries a gun, just in case. It's actually thrilling, like an adventure.

When you access the gates of Nambiti you get fetched in the lodge vehicle and driven to Umozolozolo. The lodge is small (five individual chalets) and extremely private. Our chalet had an outdoor shower (if you dare!) and a deck overlooking the valley. Below you can see game roaming. Overhead a mosquito net blows in the breeze above your bed. It sounds cliché but it feels like the real kind of Africa. And the air is so clean and crisp.

Game drives go out twice a day, 6am and 3:30pm. It goes without saying that sunrise and sunset are absolutely majestic. And after dark you cannot believe the amount of stars you see compared to in the city, they sky looks like a painting. I'll tell you more about the game drives in the next post.

This time of year the weather is warm during the day and slightly cold in the morning and night so I took my denim cut-offs, loads of tees and some knitwear. And my sunhat and new winter coat too(again, see it in the next post). I also always wore closed shoes, you never know what may leap out and bite!

Day one was all about settling in and heading out into the bush, you never know what you are going to see on the game drive. it's literally luck of the draw. We saw three of the big five on our first evening and lots of game, zebra, bird life and hippos. The best for me is always the giraffes. It still is crazy to me that something can have such a tall neck, all you see is tree after tree and then all of a sudden you'll see their head sticking out above the landscape. And the way they walk is fascinating. Slow and steady. They are beautiful animals.

Here I'm wearing my Prada sunglasses, Trenery knit from Woolworths, River Island denim shorts and Superga lace-ups.


One Stiletto At A Time said...

Absolutely beautiful photography!

XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

Nadia said...

Love the photos, it looks magical!

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