Monday, December 15, 2014

This was me heading off to work on Friday. Nothing unusual except that it was the last day of work for the year, yes!, and the specs. I have never worn or needed glasses before. Which is ridiculous since both my parents and brother wear them for everything. I go every year or two for an eye test and it's always been good. This year the cool kids at Luxottica sent me off to EyeQ in the Waterfront for a check up. I had mentioned to them at a press preview of their latest collection that I love their Vogue Eyewear but don't need glasses so don't have a reason to wear them. We got chatting and all agreed, specatcles are as much a fashion item now as they are a necessity for some. So they offered me to choose a pair, even if they put lenses in with no prescription, so I could literally wear them as an accessory! When they then said I could pop into EyeQ I thought cool, my eyes are fine so they will literally become part of my jewellery and sunnies collection to finish off my looks. Wrong. Turned out I have a slight stigmatism in my one eye and totally needed glasses for in front of the computer. After chatting to their optometrist, I realised why my eyes felt strained after long days in front of my computer screen. My eyes often felt tired at the end of the day but I got so used to it, that it felt normal to me. She said most people should wear glasses in front of the computer, and if not, they should take a break from staring at the screen every 20 minutes. High computer workloads are extremely tiresome on the visual system and the non-complaining eye sometimes can’t keep up. A prescription pair of specs designed for the computer basically relieves these symptoms of visual fatigue. So a few days later my prescription Vogue Eyewear frames arrived and now I wear them every time I am in front of my computer. It just takes that edge off them so they don't hurt after a while and I don't get a headache. I loved that these were oversized and tortoise shell. EyeQ said it's best to come back once a year for an eye test, so I will be going back to them. They were very sweet and so helpful. Plus, their range is pretty big so there is a lot to choose from. So, go for an eye test and see if you need glasses, you may be surprised, and if not then at least you know!

EyeQ have branches in Cavendish, Canal Walk, Tygervalley, Waterfront and Camps Bay and are opening soon in Menlyn Park in Pretoria.

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