Thursday, November 13, 2014

For once I am not showing you what's new in my cupboard. These are mostly pieces that I have had for over two years, they are gently worn. In fact, the last embrodered top I have never ever worn! This is a two fold post. Firstly, I moved into a new place at the beginning of this year and took my most often worn clothes on their hangers straight to my new place. I gave away a lot of the rest and the pieces I wasn't ready to let go of just yet were put away in 3 massive boxes and delievered to my flat by my mom when she got sick of having them in her way at home. I literally walked into my flat after a work trip to find them in my living room with a text from mom saying I dropped something off for you. Ha! I put them behind my couch and 'forgot' (read am lazy) about them. I had every intention of sorting them out into Summer and Winter piles and neatly packing them into my closet. Problem is that my cupboard is too full of new clothes I have bought since moving in. Eek! I started sorting out the boxes and had forgotten that it was actually clothing that I love! Pieces that I would happily wear this summer, in fact some of it has made it's way back into my closet and that is my point. Sort through your clothing every now and then, you'll find pieces you forgot about and it will feel new again! Some I am giving away and the rest, well...

That's the second part of this post. Some of the items are from brands like Zara and Country Road. And others Mr Price. But they are all in perfect condition, some never worn and some gently worn. I just have too many items to wear it all and I know others would love them so I am selling the lot! This is a little experiment. People have often told me they purge their closets every season and sell off their items to make room, and money, for new ones. I always thought it's a bit ridic but I am going to give it a try. 

I have loaded an ad here onto Gumtree under women's clothing to test the water. If it gets a response I might do this every season. This is one of my fave summer dresses for sale, perfect for the beach. Maybe I should actually keep it right!?

I sold it all for a great price! I should bank it or I can buy a new pair of shoes, at least two Zara dresses or something from Country Road...yay! I got an influx of emails requesting to buy all the garments I loaded. I am totally surprised. Just goes to show you that what you may not need or want anymore, others will. I sold the entire lot to a lovely lady who buys and sells new and used clothing as a side business. One tip when selling on Gumtree: make sure they are legit. Google or Facebook stalk them before you meet them to make sure they are real and all checks out. Never arrange to hand over goods alone, I met her at my security in the foyer of my office where there were loads of people. And always exchange the goods for cash or only once they have done an EFT, never hand over goods without or before payment. I am so doing this again!

Gypsy top, boobtube dress, embroidered top, leather clutch & stud bag all old pieces (I clearly went through a boho phase) | Accessorize crystal drop earrings  | River Island denim cut-offs


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