Friday, September 20, 2013

It's days like last week Friday that I wish there were two of me. I had a flight booked and a Fairlady fashion shoot planned in Durban and a launch invite sitting in my mailbox to a LEGiT event where their latest designer collab was being announced. So although I couldn't physically be there, I followed the big reveal and beautiful luncheon online. I had to share these mouthwatering pics with you, how gorgeous does this look!? Yum! The big reveal was Gavin Rajah. This is so super duper exciting for me because a) I love Gavin's dresses, I love his embellishment and the super luxe fabrics he uses. So pretty. And b) because I have become a total LEGiT convert. If you've been reading lately, you will see I have spent a whole lot (well actually a little, it's so affordable) there. If you look carefully you will find what looks like Zara and Topshop style items, at literally a quarter of the price. Score! Anyways, I am such a fan of designer / retail collaborations and this one is a goodie. The Gavin Rajah collection will be available in stores from the 25th November and includes accessories, bonus.

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