Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last night I attended the Levi's launch at Truth. It's a local 'Hipster" hangout and suited the brand perfectly. Everyone donned either denim, denim on denim, or some form of military inspiration. Fitting since you would obviously associate the brand with just jeans, right? Wrong.

They showed us a screening of their fashion film, using imagery to show us what, or rather where they have been inspired by. I got it. They are paying tribute to their brands' heritage, but at the same time taking it into the modern fashion culture of today. So no, it's not just about the jean pant.

Then the clever lot presented a virtual fashion show. Talk about keeping up with the times.

Upstairs we were ushered to a Levi's exhibit to see just what is going on in the Levi's mind right now. 2013 is the first time they will introduce their original 501 jeans in different colours. For them this is a huge statement.
 I mean they are even making jeans out of recycled plastic bottles.

It's this kind of brand presentation that keeps things interesting. What I thought was going to be just another party of Fashion Ed's and Levi's lovers, was actually a clever way of taking us into their mind. We got to see the brand as they now see it.


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