Friday, November 16, 2012

So as some of you might now I have been ill since last Friday. I thought I had the flu, but was in hospital by Sunday with Pneumonia. Today I came home to my special family and beautiful room. One thing I learnt? That when they say we plan, g-d decides, they are so right. Tomorrow I was meant to run a half marathon for the Atlantic Hope charity.  I cancelled a shoot. I could not go to a once in a lifetime experience with Mr Price and Henry Holland. I could not post on this blog. And that has in a way been a great escape to get a grip with reality. Slow down, breath, hug life - but listen to your body before anything. So this week I am back at it - shooting for Seventeen, we have a great giveaway coming on Wednesday too! And I have some kinda cool DIY posts planned. Thanks to all my supporters in every way possible. Cara xx


Anonymous said...

So happy to have you back - stay healthy and strong Y X

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