Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is special. My mom pulled out an old family album last night to show my Great Uncle. In it was a postcard type photo with my late Zeida Eddie on it, in Paris! There he is right in the middle, hands in pockets, no tie, a printed shirt under a jumper and his camera bag slung across him. This is ah-ma-zing for a number of reasons, but mainly one. Paris is the one city I dream of going to. I have been fortunate to travel elsewhere to wonderful places but for some reason I just can't get there. Not for lack of trying. Every time I plan it something else comes up, mainly work related so I can't complain too much. Of late I am itching and keep talking myself out of just going to the airport and hopping on a flight straight there. So to find this, and turn it over to see what it said, was not only a sign but just so utterly heart warming. It was addressed to my late Great Gran in Joburg, was dated 19/4/1953 and reads something like this from what I can make out:

"Dear Mom and Boys (his brothers back home),
Just a line from Paris where we are staying at the ___ Hotel in the Champs Elsyees near the Arc of Triumph (meant to be spelt Arc de Triomphe). ___ this morning was wonderful. Paris is very expensive. ___ in hotel cost me 10 / -. Dad and I going to Follies Bergere tonight.

I'll get there soon, and I'll send a postcard email home to tell of it all. Smiling right now.


Yael said...

Loved this. Thank you for sharing. Is there any way we can take this page and share with someone we wish to ? XXX

Cara-Lee said...

Thank you :) Yes, you can copy this link and forward it to them:

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