Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I've always been a jeans and sneakers girl. My all time fave sneaks? The white classic Superga.

I have two pairs on rotation that I wear until they reach the point of being too dirty, you know when a sneaker isn't dirty cool but dirty gross. Then I throw them in the wash with a load of whites and they come out like new again but still keep their age, like my fave pair of jeans. They come out of the wash clean but still with a bit of character and signs of wear. They are also super comfy. They really are the perfect weekender shoe. I wear mine with denim shorts, summer dresses and skinny jeans. Although they are  a casual shoe, I wanted to show you that you can also dress them up. They are just so effortless. Styling tip: if you wear yours with a skinny jean, show just a bit of ankle. Seriously love my Superga sneaks!

Check back next week to see how I style my black and white pair, love them! Plus, you can win a pair of these white lace-ups!

Post in collaboration with Superga. Opinions and outfit are my own.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

So you know when you buy a dress or top and you have no idea when you're gonna wear it or how coz either the entire back is open (as in you gotta go bra-less) or the front it too low (as in no bra too). This dress is one of those. I got it over a year ago from Zara and have worn it twice. I managed to find stick on covers so I could wear the open back but it's just been sitting there so I am so happy to see lingerie tops and dresses being worn over t-shirts. Now I can totally wear this to work, I love an LBD for the office and now it's work appropriate. Yay! Also, you gotta have a bomber jacket this winter. They are so not warm but I'm loving my Cotton On one. I've also been layering it over my turtlenecks to stay warmer. Love that it's not bulky and doesn't make you look 10 sizes bigger like most winter coats.

And can we talk about peak caps for a sec. Usually I'm all about a beanie in winter but I'm just not into them this season. I've noticed loads of girls wearing baseball caps and keep thinking why would you wear one, especially indoors. Then I pulled this one out that I originally bought for my promenade walks. I couldn't wash my hair for a while because I had a back injury and didn't make it to the salon for a wash so I thought I'm gonna just wear the cap, and I actually love it. It's warm, good for a bad hair day and looks cool with a pair of trainers and ripped jeans. So I'm def gonna be wearing the cap more.

So girls, pull out your lingerie type tops and dresses and wear them during the day to the office, this is actually the perfect way to dress them down and make them a little less sexy. It's also warmer, you can even slip them on over a longsleeve knit for Winter.

Country Road t-shirt, Cotton On boots.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I love boyfriend jeans. I had four pairs on rotation until recently when two got too full of holes I gave them away. These are from Factorie and are in store now. My other faves are last season's Element Eden's. I love them because they are super comfy and don't cut off my circulation (ha!) like skinnies and I absolutely frikken love them the most because they are not meant to be tight on the butt (which is non-existent on me!). I struggle to find skinnies that fit snugly on my butt because I have such a flat one (no amount of squats have helped!). I like that these are meant to look baggy and not fitted. Teamed with a pair ot trainers, this is sports luxe at it's best, my best kinda dressing. Also, I'm still grasping at the last of summer in off-the-shoulder tops. I picked this up in Stockholm when I visited H&M headquarters. I've worn it just once, I'm too scared to mess on it! What are your fave denims?

Nike trainers (obvs!) and American Swiss earrings ('coz I am mad for minimal accessories).



Monday, April 18, 2016

For me, Winter dressing is all about layering your separates. It's about having pieces that you can mix and match with each other. It's also just about keeping warm, stylishly. I rarely wear colour so it's all about black, nudes, grey, and white knitwear, denims, boots and statement coats for me.

As Winter gets closer I have been stocking up on knitwear (my fave item to slip on during the cold!). Last season the polo neck made a big comeback and I was always too scared to wear one because they come so high up my neck that firstly I looked like I had four chins and they also make me feel claustrophobic! So happy that this season I found this one at Miladys. It's a turtle neck but the actual neckline doesn't come so high up, it's perfect. It's soft and luxurious and I'm so going to use these to layer. I picked it up in black and white. There is something so quietly stylish and chic about a turtle neck.

Talking about Miladys. when last (if ever!) have you been into a store? They have re branded and it is amazing. Think Country Road at half the price. The coat and boots in this post are also from them, I mean! I'm so impressed with their product at the moment. Being a twenty something I would never usually think to shop there but I do, secrets out!

These items hit stores this week so if you're busy updating your wardrobe for the season, go check out what they have and tag yourself using #shesgotstyle so I can see what you found!

Post in collaboration with Miladys. Opinions and outfit are my own.


Friday, April 1, 2016

I haven't blogged in a while because I have been feeling kinda like what's the point anymore. I am feeling like when I post on my Insta, why would you bother to then come to the blog. But then I reminded myself why I started blogging my looks and remembered that it was for me! I love fashion, I love getting dressed up, I love shopping (who doesn't!?) and I love what I do and I love sharing all that with you!

I am also trying desperately to cling to the last bit of summer. Winter has had a different idea and has arrived earlier than planned. In one final attempt at bare arms and legs I wanted to show you some of my latest treats.

Summer was all about open backs and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses for me. I got this Zara dress on their summer sale and have lived it in this season. I LOVE the tie back! I've also downsized my handbag. I used to carry around a big, well, carryall. And it literally did just that and then I couldn't find anything in it! I decided I didn't really need to carry around everything I own and now stick to this chic Colette by Colette Hayman sling. It holds just the essentials and goes with everything. I love the metal chain. I also got a brown and gold sling ALDO bag as a second option.

And can we just take a moment to soak up these heels. I mean! I love them. They are so OTT, I don't know how often I'll actually wear them but I got to pick out a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes at Spitz during summer and I couldn't resist the glamour of these. I just got the updated brown winter version which I will share with you soon. Any lace-up heel is a must right now, it was a hot trend for summer and it's being carried through to winter.

That's it from me, please let me know if you prefer seeing outfits on Insta and on the blog or just the one.

P.S I am VERY excited to share a new project with you, www.fitfluencer.co.za. I am constantly asked by friends and colleagues about what workouts I am doing and what eating plan I am on because I am a fitness freak and working out is a huge part of my life. So I have decided to create an online network for fellow workout addicts. The site launches mid-April but follow us so long on Insta @Fit_Fluencer.

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